Biostimulants comprise of various formulations of compounds, substances, and microorganisms that are neither plant protection products nor fertilizers. Currently, biostimulants can be placed on the German market according to German national legislation as plant strengtheners, soil improvers, or plant aid agents.

The European Fertilizer Regulation (EU) No. 2019/1009, which came into force in July 2019 and is applicable since 16th July 2022, lays down the requirements for placing biostimulants on the EU market. In addition to the new EU law, national legislations are still applicable. Through cooperation with consulting companies from other EU countries we can also support you in marketing your products according to national law or mutual recognition.


We support you in:

  1. Finding the appropriate legislation for each product as a biostimulant, plant strengthener, soil improver or plant aid agent
  2. Meeting the requirements of the European Fertilizing Products Regulation (EU) No. 2019/1009 and planning and organizing your trials.
  3. Notifying plant strengtheners to the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food safety (BVL)
  4. Declaring soil improvers or plant aid agents according to the German Fertilizer Regulation (Düngemittelverordnung – DüMV)
  5. Checking for compliance of analytical methods with German standards
  6. Applying for certificates of conformity at the responsible authorities
  7. Communicating with authorities

We will keep you up-to-date in order to ensure that you are taking advantage of the best options for placing your products on the market.

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